A downloadable Sorcerer Dungeon for Windows

About the game

You are a tiny sorcerer and nobody knows why you are in that strange dungeon,  but you can use magic to beat all the enemies. Hold on and try to survive so many rounds as you can. Good luck!

There are teleporters and potions for sorcerers. Take advantage of them ;)

By the way, the game has been written in Java. I haven't used any library or framework, it has been made from scratch.

Version: alpha 1.0 (it might have some bugs)

Install instructions

The game is a .jar file so maybe the navigator you are using  alerts you that the file could be malcious. It happens with all .jar files, so don't worry, the game is completely clean. You need to have at least Java 8


SorcererDungeon.jar 36 MB

Development log